Aggressively Protecting Your Rights

Trying To Save On Mortgage Interest?

Mortgage fraud is usually committed as a way to save money on interest; however, often the crime is not intentional and thus you could be under investigation for a federal offense without even realizing it.

At Rivers Law Firm, P.A., we defend people across Minnesota who have been accused or arrested for mortgage fraud, foreclosure fraud or real estate investment fraud. Past clients have included homeowners, real estate investors, banks and financial institutes, broker, construction companies and appraisers. Bruce Rivers, our founding trial attorney has years of experience representing those accused of mortgage fraud or subprime lending fraud.

We can help with the following situations:

  • Over-reporting assets or inflating salary and earnings information
  • Failing to disclose primary or secondary residence
  • Misrepresenting information about tenants
  • Questionable underwriting decisions

If found guilty of any fraud charges, significant fines and federal prison time may be possible penalties. Your business could be ruined and your reputation tarnished. You may face unwanted media attention during the arrest and trial and even after you have served your sentence.

Get A Solid Legal Defense

In many cases, a mortgage fraud accusation will not only impact your personal life but also your professional life if you work in real estate.

Do not risk your professional and personal career — speak to Bruce Rivers by calling 612-915-0355 or sending an email. Initial case evaluations are of no charge and come with no obligations.