Aggressively Protecting Your Rights

Fighting Fraud Charges In State And Federal Court

Rivers Law Firm, P.A., represents individuals and corporations charged with every kind of white collar crime — nonviolent, money-motivated crimes occurring in a commercial or governmental setting.

In today’s environment, matters once handled administratively are treated as crimes. Our law firm understands the damage this kind of prosecution does to one’s reputation and to the future of your business. The best course is to attack problems at the investigative level. When charges are filed, our trial experience is your best assurance of a thorough and effective defense. When conviction is inevitable, Bruce Rivers has helped clients obtain significant variances in federal sentencing hearings.

An Important Part Of Our Practice

We defend clients charged or under investigation for every kind of fraud and other offenses, including:

  • Business-related cases that might include allegations of embezzling funds from an employer, misappropriation of funds, foreign corrupt practices, insider trading, securities fraud forgery or Ponzi schemes
  • Counterfeiting, money laundering or RICO/racketeering with a suggested tie to organized crime
  • Internet crimes, such as identity theft, piracy/IP infringement or credit card fraud
  • Environmental crime
  • Government procurement fraud whether related to health care insurance or Medicare/Medicaid fraud
  • Tax fraud, mail fraud or wire fraud
  • Investment, mortgage or real estate fraud

White collar criminal cases are complex and often time-consuming. With so much at stake, it makes sense to work with representation who is experienced, capable and board certified in criminal defense.

Free Initial Consultations

With your future and/or your company’s future on the line, call defense attorney Bruce Rivers in Minneapolis at 612-915-0355 for strategic, effective white collar criminal defense. Schedule a no-charge, no-obligation case evaluation today.