Aggressively Protecting Your Rights

Credit Card Fraud Offenses

Depending on what is alleged by law enforcement, credit card fraud charges might range from gross misdemeanor to federal felony level. For this reason alone it is important to seek competent criminal defense counsel right away.

Mitigating the damage of criminal charges is what we have been doing at Rivers Law Firm, P.A., for 19 years. Our founding attorney, Bruce Rivers, is board certified in criminal defense by the National Board of Trial Advocacy, and as a criminal trial specialist by the Minnesota State Bar Association.

How do credit card fraud charges come up? Some of the more common instances include:

  • Producing or selling illegal credit cards
  • Using a known stolen or illegally obtained credit card or making purchases with the card holders knowledge or consent
  • Selling goods or services to another person with the knowledge that the person using the credit card is not the real owner of the card
  • Using your own credit card to purchase an item with the knowledge that the credit card is invalid, expired or linked to a closed or inactive account, or an account that has insufficient funds

Fighting An Accusation

In some instances, credit card fraud can be considered a federal offense, which means the penalties are even more serious. If you are convicted of a federal offense you could be facing a long-term jail sentence, fines, restitution to the victim or probation.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the case, we will fight to obtain the best outcome possible on your behalf. Find out more by calling our Minneapolis office at 612-915-0355 or sending us a confidential message.