Aggressively Protecting Your Rights


Murder is the intentional killing of another person.

There are three different degrees of murder and homicide including first degree, second degree and third degree murder. If you have been accused you will need an experienced Minnesota and Minneapolis-based Criminal Defense Attorney fighting in your corner.

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First degree murder is characterized as the worst with a sentence of up to life in prison. You could be facing first degree murder if the death of another is premeditated with the intent to kill, during a criminal sexual conduct, during a terrorism felony offense, while committing child abuse or a domestic assault, during a burglary, robbery, kidnapping or first or second degree arson, during a drive by shooting or in an attempt to commit any of the mentioned crimes.

You could also be convicted of first degree murder if you kill a police officer or guard employee at a prison.

You could be facing second degree murder if the murder is with intent but not premeditated and outside the manner of the first degree murder boundaries. Second degree murder comes with up to 40 years in prison. Third degree murder occurs if you kill someone without premeditation and without intent but by perpetrating an act eminently dangerous to others. Third degree murder comes with up to 25 years in prison.


It is important to remember that being accused or arrested for murder in any of the degrees does not automatically mean you are going to prison. There are a number of defense strategies to take when facing a murder conviction.

Our attorneys have years of experience in homicide and murder offenses and can determine the best defense strategy to take for your situation.

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