Aggressively Protecting Your Rights

Premeditation That Requires Proving Intent

First-degree murder occurs when one person seeks to cause the death of another, and then causes that death. It is also charged in these situations:

  • When a person is killed while the accused is committing specified felonies. (The accused need not be the actual killer.)
  • Intending to kill and killing a Minnesota peace officer or guard
  • Causing the death of another person while committing child abuse or domestic abuse

The fact that first-degree murder is premeditated is what sets it apart from other homicidal crimes, making it the most serious felony in the books. The penalty for conviction is life imprisonment. Conviction is catastrophic for the person convicted and devastating to family members.

The Importance Of Precedents And Case Law

Common defenses in first-degree murder cases include mistaken identity, justifiable self-defense, defense of others, accidental taking of a life, exercise of duty and insanity. Deciding on a defense requires careful research and strategic thinking. These are attributes criminal defense attorney Bruce Rivers brings to every case he defends.

Bruce Rivers knows the language of homicide statutes backward and forward. More important, he is up-to-date on relevant cases in Minnesota and around the nation, decisions that may have a significant bearing on your case. This knowledge of case law gives your lawyer an important edge defending you against this serious charge. He will identify the most positive possible outcome early in the process and argue effectively for acquittal, reduction in charges or minimum punishment.

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