Aggressively Protecting Your Rights

FAQs About Health Care Fraud Charges

In most instances, health care fraud relates to an attempt to save money or make money through the Medicaid or Medicare system. It’s charged at the federal level, because you are accused of falsifying information provided to either the Medicaid or Medicare system, both federal initiatives.

Even if you have not been arrested for the crime but are receiving suspicious letters or phone calls at home or at work, it is a good idea to consult Bruce Rivers at the Rivers Law Firm, P.A., before it’s too late.

Advice For Professionals

Anyone can be accused of health care fraud but often doctors and other medical professionals are the ones charged with this crime. An audit might have uncovered problems with your medical accounting scheme, which could end up costing you the business. This may not be your fault; however, complexities of the system may make you look guilty of a crime you did not commit.

Do not risk your professional and personal career — speak to our qualified white collar crime attorneys about how we can help you out of the sticky legal situation.

Our firm represents people in the Twin Cities metro and across Minnesota. We handle the following matters:

  • Uncoding and other forms of billing and accounting fraud
  • Falsifying private insurance claims
  • Overcharging for medical services or retaining overpayments
  • Billing for medical services that were not provided
  • Receiving rebates for medical services that were not provided
  • Lying about income, number of children, assets, etc., on your health care records
  • Kickback schemes

Call An Experienced Defense Attorney

Health care fraud can be confusing on its own. However, what makes it even more complicated is that often this crime will be in conjunction with another white collar crime such as mail fraud, wire fraud or obstruction of justice (if you attempt to destroy any records that you do not want the police to see).

With one call to 612-915-0355 or an email, you can find out how we can help you limit the consequences.