Aggressively Protecting Your Rights

Great Bodily Harm And Aggravated Assault

What is great bodily harm? It could be a push that causes a fall that leads to a coma and serious brain damage. These are the most serious assaults and thus carry hefty criminal sentences if convicted.

Aggravated assault is a felony-level charge. Without a strong, aggressive defense you could be looking at prison time and a criminal record that limits your future opportunities.

Rivers Law Firm, P.A., has 19 years of criminal law experience dealing with the most serious charges that allege actions caused serious injuries or even death. We represent clients in the Twin Cities metro, but will travel out of state if needed to protect your rights. Bruce Rivers is known for his trial skills and record of success.

Limiting The Consequences

Assault charges are categorized by degree. While generally felony-level offenses, fifth-degree assault may be charged as a gross misdemeanor. Regardless of the degree charge you are facing, a conviction could carry a jail or prison term, hefty fines and restitution to the victim, counseling and a potentially lengthy probationary period even after release from behind bars. Depending on pre-trial release conditions, these charges could mean you spend time in jail awaiting trial

A number of defense tactics are possible when fighting back against accusations of assault. Keep in mind that, although an assault arrest can be frightening, you are innocent until proven guilty.

To develop the strongest defense that protects your rights, you need to contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. This not only increases your chances of favorable release conditions while the case is pending, but is the best way to limit the damage and move on with life.

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