Aggressively Protecting Your Rights

How Serious Is A Weapons Charge?

If you are facing a weapons offense conviction, your case will be handled through the federal court system, which means you may succumb to federal sentencing. If convicted of a weapons offense you could be facing fines and jail time in a federal institute.

Life-Altering Penalties

It is critical that you seek legal counsel as soon as you have been accused of this serious crime. Our firm handles all weapons offense cases, including the following:

  • Misdemeanor — Such as recklessly handling a gun or other dangerous weapon, intentionally pointing a gun (regardless of whether unloaded or loaded) toward another, manufacturing or selling a slingshot or “sand club”, manufacturing, transferring, or possessing metal knuckles or a switch blade, or possessing any other dangerous article or substance for the purpose of being used as a weapon against another.
  • Gross misdemeanor — Including any of the above, if the offense was committed in a public housing zone, school property or park the charge.
  • Felony level — Selling or possessing any firearm silencer or sound muffler and recklessly discharging a firearm within city limits. For these offenses you could be looking at up to two years in prison and $5,000 in fines. If either of these two offenses are committed on public housing property, school property or in a park the potential sentence is elevated to up to 5 years in prison and fines of up to $10,000. Intentionally discharging a firearm in a situation that endangers the safety of another is another serious charge that carries a 5-year prison term and $10,000 in fines.

Drive by shooting cases, including recklessly discharging a firearm at or toward another vehicle or a building while in or just having exited from a motor vehicle, as well as recklessly discharging a firearm toward a person or occupied building or vehicle. These serious weapon offenses come with up to 3 years in prison and $6,000 in fines or 10 years in prison and $20,000 in fines, respectively.

Take Immediate Action

Weapons offense arrest does not automatically mean a guilty sentence. There are a number of defense tactics you can take when facing a weapons offense. Our Minneapolis weapon defense attorneys will assess your case, interview witnesses and experts and gather evidence to determine the best strategy for your situation.

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