Aggressively Protecting Your Rights

Protecting Your Gun Rights

Both Minnesota and the Federal Government have regulations and restrictions regarding firearm possession. However, more than 50% of America’s households have guns within them. Any firearm-related conviction carries very serious consequences. You could lose certain constitutional rights, such as the right to vote and the right to carry a concealed weapon.

In Minnesota, the guns statutes permit individuals to own firearms and to carry them in public places. However, the proper permits must be in place before either can be done. Another factor when it comes to regulations and restrictions is when there is a sign on a public establishment that states firearms are not to be brought inside despite the presence of a permit to carry the weapon. Schools prohibit the carrying of firearms within the buildings and on the property and even churches have the right to prohibit firearms anywhere on the property.

Firearm Possession: Add On Charges, Higher Severity

The use or possession of a weapon in conjunction with a crime, such as drug crimes, robbery, assault, etc., can add to the number of charges and increases severity.

Thus, the penalties are even more serious. For example, weapons charges can also be added onto murder charges, adding several years to a sentence to be served consecutively rather than concurrently.

Loss Of Gun Privileges And Difficulty Of Reinstatement

Federal gun laws state that if you are convicted of a crime that leads to at least one year in prison you lose your right to own, accept, sell, ship, or transfer firearms and firearm ammunition. A conviction for misdemeanor domestic assault or any felony may also carry a ban from owning a firearm.

It can be difficult to have your gun rights reinstated in Minnesota. Having your Minneapolis gun rights lawyer by your side during your defense and the reinstatement of your rights can have better results all around. The different methods of reinstating gun rights include expungement of the crime that is keeping you from owning a firearm, setting aside the conviction and restitution of rights. Certain criteria have to exist in order to have gun rights reinstated, otherwise the request cannot be granted.

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