Aggressively Protecting Your Rights

Types Of Illegal Gambling

In Minnesota, some gambling is allowed. Minnesota Statutes Chapter 349 governs the use of lawful gambling and gambling devices.

Pari-mutuel horse racing is legal, as are card clubs within race tracks, state lottery, Indian gaming on Indian land. Other types of gambling are illegal in Minnesota, including:

  • Poker runs
  • Sports boards
  • Board games using dice are limited to wagers of food and beverages with no financial participation or organization by the establishment in which the game is taking place
  • Touch screen videos or video games of chance in which money is to be wagered and awarded
  • Video poker machines or eight-line video shots that are outside of a home or a tribal casino
  • Card games with an entry fee or when the promoter has some kind of financial benefit

If you are charged with this offense, whether you are a business owner accused of gambling illegally or an individual, you need a Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer to help you face the charges.

Gambling Control Board Review

There are a number of factors that the Gambling Control Board considers when figuring out how long to suspend the permit.

They look at whether or not the lessor was notified in writing by the organization that illegal gambling would be taking place on the premises and in that letter make a request that the appropriate action be taken by the lessor.

They also look at if whether or not the organization or any of those working within it knew that the device or the game taking place at the site was illegal or had the capability to be used in an illegal manner. They question whether or not any of the individuals within the organization participated in the gambling and to what degree they cooperated with authorities.

If it is found that anyone within the organization participated in the gambling, the organization could have its license suspended or revoked.

To fight this and any subsequent offenses that could heard to harsher penalties, you must have a Minnesota gambling offenses attorney helping you navigate the process so that your business or organization can have the chance to survive after such a charge, whether there was illegal gambling occurring or not. There may be factors present that cast doubt on whether the act was, in fact, taking place.

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