Aggressively Protecting Your Rights

State And Federal Criminal Defense

Most criminal defense lawyers work only state cases. In federal cases, the prosecution has so many resources — greater funding, access to information, skilled personnel. Federal prosecutions have a 95 percent chance of conviction. Sentencing is more severe than in state courts. Early parole is rare and plea bargaining almost never happens. So, many defense attorneys say, “No, thank you” to federal work.

Bruce Rivers not only accepts federal defense cases along with state cases, but he wins them. As a board-certified criminal defense attorney with 2,000 trials under his belt, he has the confidence and the credentials to deliver positive outcomes.

Why I Chose Criminal Defense
“When I was in college I had a family member who went to prison wrongfully, and that’s when I first got involved with criminal law. That’s why I became a lawyer. They got worked over and so I’m out righting a wrong.” — Bruce Rivers, quoted in Attorney at Law Magazine

These are some of the areas that Bruce Rivers handles state and federal cases in:

  • White collar crimes
  • Violent crimes of homicide and assault
  • Weapons offense
  • Sex crimes
  • Property crimes
  • Drug offenses and serious DWI cases
  • Gambling offenses
  • Obstruction of justice and 911 interference

Certified Criminal Defense In Minneapolis, Minnesota

We also assist with post-conviction problems such as probation violations and expungement from the criminal record. We file habeas corpus petitions in both state and federal courts.

We invite you to examine specific criminal charges detailed in these pages. They are not all inclusive. If you have been charged with a serious crime not listed here, call our offices. Chances are good that we have positive experience in that area.

Find out what you are up against with one call to Bruce Rivers at 612-915-0355. A case evaluation is of no charge to you and the best step to move past criminal charges.