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Former attorney for Stormy Daniels faces multiple charges

Minnesota residents who have been following the legal tribulations of Donald Trump have likely heard of Micheal Avenatti, the lawyer who represented adult star Stormy Daniels in her suit against the president. Avenatti has been charged with aggravated identity theft and fraud for mishandling $300,000 that was intended for Daniels. The money was funneled through a literary agent for Daniels to an account handled by Avenatti. This was done by providing fraudulent documents to the agent that contained a forged signature.

Feds file felony credit union fraud charge against former CEO

The president and CEO who once stood at the helm of the St. Francis Campus Credit Union in Little Falls has been formally charged with felony credit union fraud by federal prosecutors. Investigators maintain that she embezzled at least $2.5 million. The losses forced the Minnesota Department of Commerce to close the financial institution in February 2014 after the FBI began investigating the credit union.

Woman charged with identity theft in Minnesota

According to a veteran computer crimes investigator, Minnesota residents who wish to avoid becoming the victims of identity theft should consider freezing their credit profiles. While blocking access to credit reports can create some inconveniences for consumers, it also makes life much more difficult for those who wish to use the information they contain to open accounts and make fraudulent purchases. Consumers who wish to learn more about freezing their credit can contact the various credit reporting agencies or the Federal Trade Commission.

Using the internet to commit a crime

Minnesota residents or anyone else could commit a variety of crimes either on the internet itself or by attacking items connected to the internet. For instance, an internet crime could take place when an individual hacks into a network or gets information online that is used to commit identity theft. However, these are not the only types of crimes that can take place using the internet. For example, criminals can spread viruses or phish for information in emails.

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