Aggressively Protecting Your Rights

Conspiracy to commit a crime is more serious than many believe

| Sep 14, 2020 | White Collar Crime

Here’s a fictional scenario: You and two of your coworkers meet for dinner one evening after work. Soon, the conversation turns to how easy it would be to defraud your employer out of a large amount of money. The three of you plan out the various elements of this “conspiracy” and then head home for the night.

You never imagined that the discussion was serious, simply believing it was an amusing way to pass the time. Your coworkers, however, take steps to commit this white-collar crime. Perhaps they hack into the boss’s computer to retrieve passwords or other data that would allow the three of you to access the company’s financial accounts.

Unfortunately, your would-be co-conspirators leave a digital trail and before you know it, you find yourself under arrest for conspiracy to commit a crime. Your first thought is that you have nothing to worry about since no crime occurred.

Is this the right approach? No, if this scenario were true, you would be in serious trouble to be perfectly honest. Under Minnesota statutes, no crime needs to occur to face an arrest on conspiracy charges. The alleged intent to defraud your employer out of significant financial assets is almost as serious as committing the crime.

A far better approach is to take the matter seriously and begin protecting yourself from prosecution and conviction right away. A criminal defense attorney can fill a valuable role in preserving your freedom and your way of life.

Tell your attorney exactly what happened between you and your coworkers. This honest discussion will pave the way for you and your lawyer to create a solid defense. In the end, you may overcome the charges altogether or at least have the charges against you reduced.