Aggressively Protecting Your Rights

Police interrogations without legal counsel can threaten your freedom

| Aug 28, 2020 | Criminal Defense

If you are a fan of televised police procedural shows like Criminal Minds or NCIS, you have likely witnessed many fictional police interrogations. They seem realistic and are frightening if you put yourself in the shoes of those under interrogation.

There is also true crime shows available on television chronicling the efforts of real law enforcement officers in capturing and arresting criminals. These programs also show what it can be like to undergo police interrogations. It can be a risky procedure especially for those facing violent felony charges like murder, sexual assault or severe battery.

During our years of service in the Minneapolis, MN, legal system, we have seen some defendants rightfully brought to justice for crimes they have committed. Unfortunately, we have also witnessed injustice when innocent victims receive a punishment they do not deserve. Finally, we have seen how guilty defendants who are ready to pay for their behaviors receive sentences that far outweigh the crimes in which they have participated.

The most pressing questions for many facing violent felony charges include:

  • How can they protect themselves from punishments they do not deserve?
  • How can they assure that the punishment handed down by a court reflects the charges they are facing?
  • How can they avoid making an already terrible situation even worse?

We recommend that you begin protecting yourself the very moment police officers arrest you and begin formal interrogations.

  • Ask for a lawyer right away and do not be afraid that exercising your right to counsel will make you look guilty.
  • In the meantime, say as little as possible to the interrogating officers, especially if your lawyer is not yet present.
  • Do not admit anything including your guilt in the alleged crime, your presence at the scene of the crime or even whether you saw the crime occur.

These interrogations work best when conducted in the presence of a legal professional who is there to advocate only for you. Never forget that it is your constitutional right to have a lawyer by your side. The job of a police detective is to solve the case, which means that he or she may not have your best interests at heart.

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