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Murder charge for man who told nurse he killed woman

| Nov 13, 2019 | Violent Crimes

As suspicions swirled around a 34-year-old Minnesota man, he allegedly told a nurse at the Aitkin County Jail that he might have killed a woman. Court filings provided during his appearance in Aitkin County District Court, where he was charged with second-degree murder, stated that authorities had initially arrested him for violating probation while they investigated the disappearance of a 35-year-old woman from Outing. A text message between the missing woman and the man showed that they had been in contact.

Court documents indicate that the two people apparently met through a dating app. When police approached the man, he admitted that they had sex but said that she had left after the date. He gave law enforcement permission to search his home. Police reported finding women’s clothing that family members later confirmed as belonging to the missing woman.

Once the man was in jail for violating probation, he described memories to the nurse that allegedly including choking a woman during sex according to court documents. He said that he had videotaped their sexual encounter but could not remember anything else because of his drug use. Authorities initiated a second search of his home. A police dog located the woman’s body buried in the crawl space.

Violent crimes like this carry heavy penalties if a conviction is obtained. A person accused of serious offenses, like attempted homicide or vehicular homicide, might benefit from legal counsel. A defense attorney might assert a person’s Constitutional rights to protect the person from prosecution. An attorney might take advantage of opportunities to defend the person by informing authorities of an alibi, challenging an unlawful search or questioning the accuracy of testimony from witnesses. These efforts might limit a prosecutor’s ability to bring the case forward and result in a lenient plea deal or possibly case dismissal.