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Man says intoxication blocked memory of killing his friend

| Oct 1, 2019 | Violent Crimes

A statement from the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office indicates that a 63-year-old man from Hopkins has entered a guilty plea on charges that he killed his 66-year-old friend in March 2019. When speaking in court, the defendant said that he used a mix of drugs, alcohol and prescription medication the day that his friend died and cannot recall stabbing the man.

Police responded to the apartment building where the men were staying after residents reported a blood-covered man wandering around with a bloody knife. Police reported finding the victim stabbed to death in his apartment. The suspect had passed out with the apparent murder weapon at his feet. The suspect spoke strangely about spirits and ghosts when police took him into custody. When tested for alcohol intoxication, the man had a blood alcohol concentration of .18. He had also allegedly consumed marijuana gummies and prescription medication.

People familiar with the men said that they appeared to be good friends who often used drugs and alcohol together. When the defendant appears at his sentencing hearing, prosecutors plan to ask that he be sent to prison for 165 to 189 months.

Someone in a similar situation who has a criminal defense attorney might counteract demands for a harsh sentence from prosecutors. Legal defense is the right of anyone charged with a violent crime, and an attorney might strive to ensure that the client receives fair treatment. An attorney might challenge charges like attempted murder if the evidence appears inconclusive. Negotiations with a prosecutor might produce a lenient plea deal. If the defendant chooses to go to trial, an attorney might convince a jury to view evidence with skepticism and vote for acquittal.