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Man sentenced to prison for two shootings

| Jul 24, 2019 | Violent Crimes

A Minnesota man has been sentenced to nearly four years in prison for shooting and injuring a man in St. Cloud in 2017. He was also recently convicted of killing a man in Sauk Rapids in 2018.

According to media reports, a man was shot and injured on the 400 block of Ninth Avenue North on July 26, 2017. Police responded to the scene, and a witness told them that two men were seen running in different directions from the area where the gunshots came from. Investigators obtained video and still photos of the shooting to identify the defendant. In addition, they found two shell casings near the site of the incident.

The defendant, a resident of St. Cloud, was arrested and charged with one felony count of second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon. He was sentenced to three years and nine months in prison. He was also sentenced to 32 years in prison for shooting two men in Sauk Rapids last year, killing one of them. He will serve both sentences concurrently.

Individuals charged with homicide, attempted homicide or other violent crimes may believe they have few legal options. However, a criminal defense attorney may assess the details of the case and recommend ways to get the charges reduced or dismissed. For example, in some cases, the attorney might challenge the evidence and cast reasonable doubt on the prosecution’s case, making it possible to get the charges dropped or win an acquittal at trial. In other cases, it may be possible to negotiate a plea deal with prosecutors that allows the defendant to plead guilty to reduced charges. This tactic may lead to a more lenient sentence.