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State of Minnesota v. J.G. – Acquittal

| Mar 29, 2019 | Firm News

In the me too movement men are often forgotten. I am sensitive to believing a woman’s story but the story has to withstand scrutiny and cross examination. I was very lucky to have the privilege to represent J.G.. He had been on parole for eight years. Working hard, saving money, trying to create a nice home for his family. Not a single violation of his parole. His toxic girlfriend of 15 years had a long history of control and domination through constant threats of calling his parole officer. Give me $500 or I’ll call your P.O.. On January 6 in a fit of jealous rage this person tipped over chairs, broke a chandelier, threw a cabinet down stairs, tossed over a table, and destroyed many other items strewn all over J.G.’s house. She then called the police and reported J.G. for domestic assault by strangulation. To make matters worse she manufactured pictures making her neck look red. Problem is, the paramedic never saw red marks. The doctor at the hospital never saw red marks. And the still from the officer’s body cam, which she did not know about, clearly showed her at the time with no red marks. Her photo had her in different clothes and the neighbor had her coming back to the home two days later. And the photo was taken during the day and the report was at night. J.G. was acquitted of third degree assault and domestic assault by strangulation. When one juror was asked, “when did you make up your mind?” her response “right after your cross examination.” What a privilege to be his lawyer. Truly an innocent man.