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Woman enters guilty plea on charge of attempted murder

| Jan 10, 2019 | Violent Crimes

A Minnesota state trooper who stopped to assist a vehicle in distress on westbound Interstate 94 in Clay County ended up shooting a woman who threatened him with handgun. She survived with a gunshot wound to the arm and has entered guilty pleas for charges of 1st degree attempted murder and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

According to police reports, the 31-year-old woman had been traveling in a vehicle with a 29-year-old man. Their vehicle had skidded off the freeway near County Highway 336. The state trooper initially believed that he would only need to offer help until he noticed that the vehicle had been reported stolen in a neighboring state.

The state trooper told the man to get out of the car. While the trooper tried to get handcuffs on him, the woman left the vehicle and pointed a gun at the trooper. He responded by forcing the man to the ground and firing a shot at the woman. She then fled on foot into a field and was soon arrested. During her court appearance, she said that she had intended to scare the trooper but the bullet did not fire when she pulled the trigger.

Criminal charges that involve violence, especially toward law enforcement, could place a person in jeopardy of a long prison sentence. Before responding to accusations of attempted homicide, a person could ask an attorney for advice. An attorney might find opportunities to build a defense strategy if the evidence is unclear. In other situations, negotiating a plea agreement might be advisable.

Source: Valley News, “Woman pleads guilty in attempted murder of MN trooper“, Bailey Hurley, Jan. 3, 2019