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Minnesota man charged for death of girlfriend

| Sep 21, 2018 | Violent Crimes

Authorities in Dakota County have filed a charge of second-degree murder against a man who had been the boyfriend of a 41-year-old woman from Burnsville. She had gone missing in November 2017 until a fisherman discovered her body this April near a bridge in Burnsville at Interstate 35W. The medical examiner in Hennepin County declared the woman’s death a homicide. Her injuries indicated blunt force trauma to the right side of her face.

The man had been living with the woman when she disappeared. Police found blood stains on the apartment’s bedroom floor that resembled the shape of a human body. During a police interrogation, the suspect said that the woman spilled two glasses of wine on the rug. Police also found blood in his vehicle’s trunk, which he attributed to his girlfriend’s bleeding when he brought her home from the hospital prior to her murder. Her medical records at the time did not indicate that she had bleeding wounds.

The criminal complaint against the man also detailed cellphone and bank records that linked him to the victim. His phone connected with the Wi-Fi at the woman’s apartment 184 times in the two months following her disappearance. Her debit card also recorded 20 transactions after she went missing.

A person targeted by an investigation of a violent crime might want legal representation before responding to criminal charges. An attorney familiar with homicide cases could examine the evidence and offer an opinion about its likelihood of supporting a conviction. Legal counsel could challenge evidence that does not strongly associate with the suspect and strive to get charges reduced or spread doubt among jury members.