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Woman accused of attempted murder

A Minnesota woman received an attempted murder charge on July 23 after she was accused of slitting a man's throat at his home. The assault reportedly occurred at the man's Laporte residence on the afternoon of July 21.

According to reports, the 32-year-old woman and the man had gotten into an argument on the day of the incident. The man said that he was in a recliner chair and talking on the phone when he felt the woman come up behind him. He claimed that she reached around the recliner and cut his throat from left to right. At this point, he allegedly asked the woman what she had done to him. She responded by apologizing before attempting to stab the man in the stomach. He was able to knock the knife out of her hand. At this point, she allegedly grabbed the weapon and left the residence. The man was then able to contact the authorities.

The man told authorities that the woman was homeless and occasionally stayed at his home as she used to date his son. Prior to the alleged assault, he said that they had had a minor disagreement over appliances. The woman was being held in Hubbard County Jail and had a court appearance scheduled for Aug. 13.

Alleged assault and attempted homicide are taken extremely seriously by law enforcement agencies. Depending on the case circumstances, a person convicted of assault and attempted homicide could face a lengthy prison sentence and other legal punishments, such as a criminal record. A criminal defense attorney may protect the defendant's rights while creating a defense strategy. In some cases, the defense may attempt to have certain evidence be deemed inadmissible in court if the alleged offender's rights were violated.

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