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Minnesota woman indicted on first degree murder charges

| Jun 11, 2018 | Uncategorized

A resident of Blooming Prairie, Minnesota named Lois Riess recently faced indictment in Florida for first degree murder with a firearm; grand theft and criminal use of personal identification of a deceased individual $5,000 or more; and grand theft of a motor vehicle. Although this arrest stems from Riess’ murder of a Florida woman, Minnesota authorities attempted to find her for suspicion of murdering her husband, David Riess, earlier this year. 

Riess apparently fled Minnesota after allegedly murdering her husband. When in Florida, she tracked down her lookalike and assumed her identity. In April, Riess waived her right to extradition. In the event she had elected to fight extradition, then both Minnesota and Florida authorities would be responsible for providing proof the woman in question was actually Riess. 

Riess met her Florida victim, Pam Hutchinson, in Fort Myers Beach, Florida, at a bar. Authorities later found Riess at a restaurant in South Padre Island after a witness contacted the police to inform them of seeing a woman who matched the description. Police took Riess into custody while authorities towed and impounded her vehicle to examine it for forensic evidence. Detectives discovered several firearms inside her motel room: one 9 mm and one .22 caliber. She did not have a weapon on her person at the time of arrest, and she did not resist arrest.

Police found her husband fatally shot in the couple’s Blooming Prairie home in late March. The police tried to track her down for her alleged involvement in the murder when Florida authorities arrested her in connection for that state’s homicide. 

Anyone facing homicide charges should consult with an experienced criminal law attorney. A lawyer can review all of the evidence against a person to determine the best defense. In the case of Riess, she now has an arraignment on July 11th, and the prosecution has so far submitted a list of 95 potential witnesses for the case.