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2 Minnesota men convicted after deadly marijuana deal

| Feb 22, 2018 | Violent Crimes

The death of a man in May 2017 has resulted in the second-degree murder conviction of a 44-year-old man. After being charged as the shooter in the homicide, the man entered a guilty plea. Another man involved in the death accepted a plea deal for aiding a criminal offender.

The shooting took place at a private residence in Fridley where a male homeowner admitted to authorities that he had allowed two men into his home to complete a transaction involving marijuana. After one man left the home, he soon returned with a third man who reportedly killed the victim with a single shot to the chest. Emergency response personnel declared him to be dead at the scene.

The court sentenced the man accused of pulling the trigger to over 30 years in prison. He received 261 days credit toward his sentence for time already served. His accomplice faces a prison sentence of over 11 years.

A person confronted by serious charges related to attempted homicide or murder has a right to legal representation. An attorney may explain the meaning of the criminal charges to the person as well as what penalties to expect after a conviction. An evaluation of the evidence by an attorney might reveal opportunities for forming a defense. Legal insights may help a person choose between going to trial or pursuing a plea bargain. Either way, an attorney may work to protect the person from aggressive prosecution. Challenges to weak evidence or testimony from an untrustworthy witness in a homicide trial may be able to convince a prosecutor to reduce charges or persuade a jury to vote for acquittal.