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2 facing charges following fatal shooting

| Dec 28, 2017 | Violent Crimes

Minneapolis authorities have reported that two men who were believed to be involved in a fatal shooting were taken into police custody. The shooting reportedly occurred in the 1400 block of Portland Avenue South at about 9:15 p.m. on Dec. 13.

After receiving the call, authorities went to the location and found a man, aged 34, who had been shot. He was transferred to a nearby hospital where he was initially said to be in critical condition. However, he ultimately died from the gunshot wound.

On Dec. 18, a 26-year-old Minneapolis man was charged with second degree murder. His 28-year-old brother was handed an accomplice charge. Authorities said it appeared that the shooting occurred at an apartment where several homeless individuals were staying. It appeared that the apartment was being rented by a person who was incarcerated, though the younger brother appeared to be running it. The man and the deceased person started an argument that appeared to be about the deceased man showing up unannounced. This allegedly led to the shooting.

There are different degrees of homicide a person could be charged with. If a person is facing 1st degree murder charges, 2nd degree murder charges or 3rd degree murder charges, he or she could risk being sentenced to decades in prison and obtain a criminal record, making it difficult for him or her to gain employment afterwards. A criminal law attorney may review the case and open an independent investigation in order to determine what defense strategies may be most appropriate for the circumstances.

Source: KSTP, “2 Charged After Now-Fatal Minneapolis Shooting“, Dec. 21, 2017