Aggressively Protecting Your Rights

State of MN vs. JC – Not Guilty

| Nov 3, 2017 | Criminal Defense

You know, it just does not get old. After 18 months of court appearances, thorough investigation, pouring over discovery and trial prep, being part getting a client back to a normal life is an amazing privilege. You get to know your client. You believe in him. You realize that your efforts can be the difference between prison and an in tact family. JC was falsely accused of criminal sexual conduct facing the better part of 15 years. He was offered a deal that would keep him out of prison, and the felony would come off of his record after successful completion of probation. He told me “I can’t plead to something I did not do”. That was the end of our discussion. We went to trial and won. We won because of the hard work of our team and the jury saw the person I see. A hard working family man of god, coach, health care provider, father, husband and decent man. So rewarding to be his lawyer. With each trial I learn something new. My great staff, and a stellar client won the case.