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Woman charged for welfare fraud, claims innocence

| Apr 12, 2017 | White Collar Crime

Welfare fraud is a serious crime, because it takes money out of a very necessary system and away from those who need it. It’s there for people who can’t work or who are struggling to live. When someone takes advantage of the system, the authorities have the right to act.

This case recently came to light in the news on March 29. Authorities charged a woman, a mother of eight, for welfare fraud in Fridley. She had allegedly received over $118,000 in government aid over the course of a year-and-a-half, but she supposedly lied on her documentation. While she said that her husband was not employed, living with her or supporting the family, the opposite is alleged to be true.

The woman, 39, has been charged for illegally claiming child-care aid, medical assistance and food support. Authorities pressed for answers when they investigated at her home and discovered her husband there in bed. There were clothing items there as well as mail being delivered to the address in his name.

The woman’s attorney claims the authorities are incorrect and that the man was actually not living at the residence during the period of time being reviewed by police and the courts. In March 2013, the man had moved out and wasn’t providing support to the family, his wife had claimed. His wife claims that the man only visits and never lives at the home or shares meals with the family. Authorities have questioned the validity of her claims and intend to go through with a trial.

This kind of situation can be complicated, especially when looking at past welfare receipts versus what’s happening in your life today. If you are threatened with legal action due to alleged fraud, you have a right to stand up for yourself.

Source: Star Tribune, “Charge: Fridley mother of 8 rang up $118K in welfare fraud in 1½ years,” Paul Walsh, March 29, 2017