Aggressively Protecting Your Rights

What you can do if your rental car had drugs in it

| Mar 17, 2017 | Drug Charges

When you chose to use a rental car, the last thing that you imagined was that there would be drugs in your vehicle. You happened to get pulled over because of reports of a similar vehicle being involved in a drug-related incident. You knew you didn’t do anything wrong, so you let the police search your vehicle. Unfortunately, they found what you didn’t know was in your car, a secret stash of drugs ditched to avoid an arrest. Now you face the arrest.

This perhaps are not as uncommon as you may think. In fact, especially on the borders, the authorities do search for drugs and can arrest you if you’re found to have them in your possession. The police cannot search your vehicle without a warrant or just cause, which could help your case. However, if you gave permission to them to search, then you need to know your defensive options.

First, when you speak to your attorney, be clear about everything. Did the rental car company inform you that the vehicle may have been involved in a crime? It doesn’t have a legal obligation to do so, but if it has information that the car may have been rented by someone else recently, this could help you in court.

Second, you have a right to defend yourself and you can do so with help from witnesses and an alibi. If you did not yet have the rental car at the time of the alleged drug incident, you could show that you had no part in those activities.

Your attorney can help you defend yourself if this situation occurs. Our website has more on how a drug possession charge can affect you.