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Drunk driving arrests drop in 2016, report indicates

| Jan 17, 2017 | Drunk Driving

Drunk drivers make the roads dangerous for everyone, but not everyone who is stopped for driving under the influence was intentionally driving drunk or even as intoxicated as the tests made them appear. There are many reasons why a test could be inaccurate, and even worse, there are times when medical conditions make people appear to be intoxicated.

Still, the police do crack down on drunk driving, particularly around the holidays. Holiday drunk-driving arrests were high this year in Minnesota; 2,400 people were arrested, according to the news from Jan. 11. The campaign to come down hard on drunk driving during the holidays meant the entire state was on high alert, and the Minnesota Department of Public Safety finally released the results early this year.

Between Nov. 23 and Dec. 30, there were 2,407 arrests across Minnesota for drunk driving. Interestingly, despite increased awareness and higher numbers of officers on the roads, there were actually fewer arrests for DWIs than in 2015. In total, 2015 had 2,502 arrests.

Of the arrests, at least four involved what police call “dangerous incidents.” One was a driver who went the wrong way on the roads. Another was driving with a child and had a blood alcohol level over three times the legal limit.

Another driver hit a home, damaging its garage and the vehicles inside. That driver fled the scene but was later arrested. Still another struck a cruiser when the officer was making another stop.

In any case where you’re accused of drunk driving, it’s important to look into your options for defending yourself. There may have been mistakes made during your booking or arrest that you need to address.

Source: CBS Local, “Holiday Drunk Driving Crackdown Results In 2,400 Arrests,” Jan. 11, 2017