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Driving drunk? Here’s why you should find another way

| Dec 8, 2016 | Drunk Driving

Mothers Against Drunk Driving stands against drivers who choose to drink and drive, and for the holiday season, they have asked drivers to take more care. The holidays are times when alcohol can be aplenty, so making arrangements for a safe drive home is important to your safety and the safety of others.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving rates each state based on:

— The number of sobriety checkpoints

— If drunk driving offenders have to use ignition interlock devices

— If there are enhanced penalties for those driving drunk with kids in the vehicle

— If states have “no-refusal policies”

— If the states revoke licenses for those who offend drunk driving laws.

The organization takes time to not only question but also to request new legislation in states that fall short in those categories.

This year, the organization reminds you that 973 people were killed due to drunk drivers between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, which is around 10 percent of all the cases for the whole year. Mothers Against Drunk Driving suggests that the holidays shouldn’t mean you don’t drink, but you do need a plan if you are going to. Have a designated driver, use a taxi service or a service such as Uber or walk to your destination; any one of these options is safer than getting behind the wheel.

Drunk driving isn’t a good decision, but if you have been stopped with a blood alcohol concentration over the limit, that doesn’t necessarily mean you intended to get behind the wheel when you weren’t sober. There are still ways to defend yourself and work to protect your reputation.

Source: iTech Post, “Mothers Against Drunk Driving Implores You to Be Extra Vigilant During the Holidays,” Jeff Roxas, Dec. 05, 2016