Aggressively Protecting Your Rights

Rapper claims self-defense against kidnapping, assault charge

| Jul 15, 2016 | Criminal Defense

If someone comes into your house and causes damage, you can file a complaint and have the police remove him or her. Taking steps to calm down an unexpected party or to stop a trespasser isn’t always legal, and it can lead to you facing charges even though you were defending yourself and property. In that kind of case, your attorney can help you devise a defense to show that you were only reacting to a threat to your safety.

This story has a similar theme: Rapper Rick Ross has been accused of beating up a groundskeeper after the workers there held a party on his estate without his permission. According to the news, his home is the largest in Georgia, boasting 109 rooms.

The reports indicate that he and his bodyguard forced the men into the guest house at the home and held them against their will. The victim claims he lost the use of his jaw and is now unable to chew his food because of the attack. He had two chipped teeth, scratches and bruises, and a neck injury, the court papers showed.

So far, the rapper has been charged with aggravated assault, aggravated battery and kidnapping. The U.S. Marshals were sent to assist the Fayette County Sheriff’s office when sent to arrest the men, ages 39 and 42 at the time.

It’s been claimed that the man was defending himself when the alleged victim was hurt, but there has been no report on what happened to make him have to defend himself. Further reports and investigations should make it more clear.

Source: CBS 46, “Rick Ross claiming self defense in kidnapping, assault of groundskeeper,” Rebekka Schramm, July 13, 2016