Aggressively Protecting Your Rights

How can you defend yourself against robbery charges?

| Jul 1, 2016 | Federal Crimes

If you’re involved in a robbery or are accused of being involved in one, your defense is of the utmost importance. Your reputation can easily be destroyed by the media and coverage following the case, even if it’s found that you’re innocent. Protecting yourself is the key, and that’s done with the right kind of defense.

What kinds of defenses can you use? The most obvious may be innocence. If you are innocent of the crime, then you don’t need to do anything; the government has to prove that you committed a crime beyond a reasonable doubt. While you can sit back and wait to see what the prosecution has as proof, a better idea is to attack the supposed evidence or give evidence that undermines the case.

Intoxication is another defense you can try. If you can prove you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it may help you win your case as long as the intoxication was involuntary. For instance, if you took a new prescription medication and didn’t know you’d be intoxicated after taking it, then you could argue that you were not intending to commit a crime and were not yourself. Voluntary intoxication is not always allowed to be a defense, but when it is, you can use it to show you did not intend to commit a crime. A lack of intent may help lower the charges against you.

In any situation, your reputation is important to your future. Your attorney can help you protect yourself, so you don’t face a bias when you’re charged or go to trial.

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