Aggressively Protecting Your Rights

The defenses for assault and battery

| Jun 24, 2016 | Criminal Defense

If you’re accused of assault and battery, you know that it’s important to defend yourself. From the moment the charges are placed, you may find that your reputation is damaged; friends and family may question your story, your job may put you on probation or fire you for breaches in policy, and you may struggle within your social circles. Avoiding this is possible; You deserve the right to live without the allegations being treated as fact.

Of course, when it comes to trial, you need to win, settle, or plead for a lesser sentence. You have a few defense options to choose from if you choose to fight the allegations. First, you can argue that you were defending yourself or someone else. If you can show that there was a threat of force or harm against you or another person leading to the assault and battery, could not flee safely, did not provoke an attack, and honestly feared for your safety or the safety of another, then you may have a good defense for your involvement.

A defense of property is another option. If you find that someone is trying to steal from you, forcing you to act in defense of that property using reasonable force, that may be a solid option for court.

Before you decide on how you want to defend yourself, talking to your attorney may help you better understand what each kind of defense can do for you. With the right defense in place, you can aim to reduce your sentence or have your case dropped altogether.

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