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Man faces charges for counts of possessing child pornography

| Jun 14, 2016 | Federal Crimes

Exploiting children is a crime in itself, but seeking out, possessing or sharing child pornography can land you in serious trouble with the law. The possession or distribution of child pornography can be charged at the federal level. What do you do if you’ve been caught up in someone else’s crimes, though? Take for instance this following case, in which a man allegedly used Wi-Fi at his apartment complex to download child pornography. In the wrong circumstances, others besides the person downloading the content could be accused of using their network providers to access this information, particularly if the downloader doesn’t want to have the downloads linked back to them. In that case, the person whose Wi-Fi has been used would need to defend him or herself against allegations for crimes they never committed. Fortunately, that didn’t happen in this case in St. Cloud.

The man in St. Cloud has been charged with child pornography possession, a June 2 report has claimed. According to the news, the man has been charged with five felony counts of possessing child pornography after he was investigated for several months beginning in 2015.

The 46-year-old man was placed under investigation when the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension received CyberTips about the activity. St. Cloud police helped with the investigation, and with the combination of search warrants and subpoenas, obtained access to the man’s cellphone and other digital devices.

On his phone, the man reportedly had images of young boys in sexual situations. He has admitted to being interested in boys between the ages of 10 and 13, but he stated that he had no interest in acting on that. Later in the investigation, it was discovered that he had a new phone and had continued to upload child pornography to the phone over open Wi-Fi connections in his apartment complex.

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