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Attorneys attempt to clear alleged serial killer’s name

| Feb 5, 2016 | Federal Crimes

Even after death, it’s important that those who are wrongfully accused or convicted have their names cleared. It’s not just the wrongfully accused who suffers; his family, friends and connections all share some of the tension and guilt as well.

Recently, a report about Billy Glaze, a well-known alleged serial killer, discussed how there are people trying to clear his name of the crimes. He went to prison for 25 years for three murders that took place in the 1980s.

Attorneys were trying to free him and clear his name when he received the news that he had lung cancer in December 2015. New DNA could show that it was another man who was the murderer and not Glaze at all.

The judge, based in Minnesota, will need to decide if the DNA exoneration can proceed, since the defendant has already passed away. The prosecution claims the case is moot, so it should be dismissed. His attorneys don’t agree, because it’s important to clear the man’s reputation, if it was falsely damaged, and maybe even more importantly than that, it’s to verify that the actual killer isn’t still out on the loose in society.

Another person’s DNA had been discovered at the scene; a known rapist. New DNA evidence could prove if Glaze was even present when these murders took place; If not, then it could lead to information on who the real killer was. None of the current evidence links Glaze to the crimes, and even the DNA testing of sperm has indicated it was someone else who had been with the women when they died.

Source: Star Tribune, “Man convicted of murder has died, but lawyers press effort to clear his name,” Pam Louwagie, Feb. 03, 2016