Aggressively Protecting Your Rights

What are some unusual defense options for charges?

| Jan 14, 2016 | Criminal Defense

When you’re facing charges, you need to defend yourself, your life and your liberty. Your future is being threatened, and it’s up to you to take charge. Your attorney can help defend your case using one of these or other defenses as an option, so here’s a look into some of the defenses you could consider.

A defense of necessity is a good defense for those who admit to performing a criminal act but claim they had to do it to avoid a greater evil. For instance, if your life is put in danger if you won’t steal an item, for example, then you could claim you had no other choice but to participate in the crime.

Another claim, which may be helpful if you have a mental illness, is a claim of automation. With this claim, you’re stating that you weren’t in control of your own actions or behaviors. For example, if you have a psychotic break, you may not be aware of the danger you’re putting yourself or others in.

The defense of mistake is another interesting defense option. With this claim, you’re stating that you did not know that the act you performed was criminal. Ignorance is not a defense in most jurisdictions when it comes to ignorance of the law, but that’s not the same as being ignorant to the facts of a situation. For instance, if someone asks you to pick up alcoholic drinks for him or her and you believe the person is over age, it could be a defense for why you purchased alcohol for a minor.

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