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Sex-offender program to get an overhaul in Minnesota

| Oct 1, 2015 | Federal Crimes

If you’ve been charged with a federal crime or been placed on a federal sex-offender’s list, this program news coming out of Minnesota may be good for you to hear. In the past, sex offenders may have been imprisoned with little to no way to work their way out of prison, even though they were meant to eventually be rehabilitated and placed either on probation or released. As someone in this position, it may be time to speak with your attorney about what these changes can mean for you, because you could be eligible for parole or even moving to a less-restrictive environment.

The sex offender program in Minnesota has been the center of debate lately as a federal judge has declared it unconstitutional. That same judge has said he will rule as soon as October 2015 on how to fix the program to make it constitutionally sound.

Currently, the program holds inmates in a secure facility. Technically, many should be able to go through rehabilitation and be released, however, no one has ever been fully discharged from the program, despite several of the inmates being safe enough to be freed or transferred to other facilities.

The judge reported that he will not end the confinement program already in place in Minnesota, because releasing offenders into the community without transitional services would be harmful to them and the public in general. Lawyers suggesting changes for the offenders have suggested settings that are less restrictive for anyone who has made progress, helping them work their way back into a better life.

Source: ABC 5 Eyewitness News, “Courtroom Debate About Fate of Minn. Sex Offender Program Resumes,” Sep. 30, 2015