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Minnesota mother arrested for drunk driving

A mother in Minnesota has been arrested after driving while intoxicated to a local liquor store on Monday. According to neighbors, as the woman drove out of her driveway, her 8-year-old daughter tried to stop her, while clinging to the door of the car.

Allegedly, the woman drove away with her daughter grabbing fast to the car, and dragged the girl through the neighborhood as she banged and screamed on the window. Eventually, police allege that the girl hopped off the vehicle and fell to the roadway, as her 46-year-old mother drove away.

According to a neighbor, the girl's knees were cut up from the fall, as the girl sat on the curb alone and crying. According the neighbor, the mother did not look down or stop her vehicle. The neighbors called the police, who soon arrived on scene.

After allegedly inebriated woman returned to her home, police tested her alcohol level at 0.30 percent, which is almost quadruple the legal limit in Minnesota. The woman denied that she had been drinking, but her screaming and crying daughter told police that her mother was a liar. According to police, they have obtained surveillance video proof that the woman was purchasing a bottle that appears to be liquor at a liquor store.

Police arrested the woman and charged her with criminal vehicular operation, drunk driving and child endangerment.

Whenever a mother is accused of child endangerment and drunk driving it is a very sad case for all parties involved. Indeed, the defense of such matters must be held delicately because of the chance that a parent could be stripped of his or her parental rights in the event of a conviction.

Source: New York Daily News, "Minnesota mom drives drunk to liquor store as daughter clings to car, trying to stop her: cops," Jason Silverstein, Aug. 04, 2015

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