Aggressively Protecting Your Rights

Fight back against white-collar crime charges

| Aug 12, 2015 | White Collar Crime

There are many kinds of white-collar crimes, and if you’re accused of one, you’re in a position where your livelihood and freedom could be at stake. The future of your business and your reputation stands on being able to defend yourself against claims that you’ve defrauded others.

You could be accused of stealing money from the company for your own use, or maybe you’re accused of investment fraud, where you never really invest a patron’s money at all. You may have just been caught up in an employer’s fraudulent company and now are facing the allegations for his crimes yourself.

It used to be that fraud complaints would be handed in-house, so the repercussions weren’t as serious as today. Now, fraud is a federal crime, and it can ruin your reputation as a businessperson. Whether you’re accused of bribery, conspiracy, credit card fraud, cybercrimes, blackmail, or other types of white-collar crimes, it’s important that you stand up for yourself from the start and protect your reputation and business with a firm hand.

White-collar crime cases can be complex, and you may need to provide paperwork on your company’s finances, payroll, and other incoming or outgoing purchases or sales. Much of your business’s future is at stake when you’re accused of fraud, so it’s also important that you stop the media from obtaining information about your case. You don’t want a bias to seep out into the news.

Our website has more information about the kinds of fraud and white-collar crimes you could be accused of, so you can prepare yourself and become knowledgeable about your case.