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Have you been charged with narcotics sales in Minnesota?

| Jul 31, 2015 | Drug Charges

It is highly illegal for individuals to sell substances like cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, heroin and prescription drugs. Those who police suspect have engaged in drug sales activity will be arrested and charged with drug sales crimes. Typically, these individuals will face other drug-related charges as well — like drug possession and drug paraphernalia possession crimes.

Sometimes, drug sales charges are much more difficult for Minnesota prosecutors to prove than drug possession charges. That is because selling drugs is an action that physical evidence may not exist for, but drug possession usually involves the physical proof of drugs found in a defendant’s pocket, car or residence.

In order to prove drug sales allegations, officers will search for specific kinds of evidence that can strengthen the prosecution’s case in the typical drug sales matter. Evidence that might be used to convict someone of drug sales include the possession of scales and measuring devices, possession of small plastic baggies and containers that can be used to divide and sell drugs, possession of address books with buyer and money-paid or money-owed information and possession of cellphones, beepers and pagers.

Individuals convicted of narcotics crimes can spend many years in state or federal prison; therefore, if you have been accused of such offenses, you will want to construct a well-thought out and strategic criminal defense strategy. At the Rivers Law Firm, the criminal defense strategies we develop depend on the potential punishments that could be ordered upon conviction and the strength of facts and evidence brought forward by the prosecution.

If evidence is particularly strong against the accused, individuals may choose to seek a plea bargain with the prosecution, and plead guilty to certain charges in exchange for a reduction in punishment consequences. If evidence is particularly week, defendants might try to seek a verdict of not guilty by defending against all of the charges.