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Narcotics sales defense in Minneapolis

| Jun 12, 2015 | Drug Charges

Accusations relating to the sale of narcotics in Minnesota — no matter what kind of substance the charges involve — are very serious because they can come with stiff jail sentences when individuals are convicted of the crimes. Typically, during a narcotics sales arrest, accused individuals are also charged with drug possession crimes.

At Rivers Law Firm, PA, we take pride in the work we do defending people who have been accused of selling drugs throughout Hennepin County. As a practice, our attorneys always keep in mind that we are all human and we all make mistakes.

Indeed, both police officers and citizens alike are not immune to making errors in judgment, and this can play out in two different ways during criminal defense proceedings. Did police officers make the mistake of arresting and accusing you of a crime you never committed? Or, did you commit a momentary error in judgment by committing a crime and now you need the Minnesota court system to give you a second chance and provide a reduced punishment to you? The way a defendant answers the above questions could influence the best course of action to take in his or her criminal defense.

Accused individuals should also remember that sometimes, it is difficult for the prosecution to achieve a verdict of “guilty” in a particular narcotics sales matter. Usually in order to prove that drug sales were being committed, police and courts will look for additional evidence in addition to a large quantity of drugs. That evidence includes: measuring devices, plastic baggies, a ledger indicating sales and money owed, dangerous weapons and cellphones. The more of this evidence that is found, the stronger the prosecution’s case is likely to be.

No matter what the evidentiary circumstances of your particular criminal case, our firm will work hard to gather appropriate evidence, and consult with special experts witnesses when necessary, to build the most appropriate criminal defense strategy for your particular situation.