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Bail set for man accused of felony meth transportation crimes

| Jun 19, 2015 | Criminal Defense

A man from Grand Rapids appeared in court last Monday on charges that he was transporting methamphetamine from southern Minnesota and the Twin cities to Itasca County. He faces two felony controlled substance charges of the first degree.

The 33-year-old man, who allegedly confessed to running the drugs earlier this year, had his bail placed at $100,000 with conditions or $200,000 without conditions. The charges relating to his criminal case were filed last month. The lead prosecuting attorney in the case requested a high bail in the matter due to the man’s criminal history and another pending drug-related charge in Olmstead County.

However, the man’s defense attorney argued that the bail was too high, and all it served to do was to ensure that his impoverished client stay trapped in jail throughout his criminal proceedings. The defense attorney asked for bail of $25,000 with conditions and $50,000 without conditions, but the judge ultimately ruled in favor of the prosecution’s higher amount due to the gravity of the man’s charges.

According to prosecutors, Minnesota drug agents received word that the accused man was on his way to Itasca County on March 9 with an accomplice and a large amount of methamphetamine. Itasca County sheriff’s deputies pulled his vehicle over and searched it, allegedly finding 80 grams of meth inside the car.

This man’s drug allegations are serious, but he will be afforded the right to defend himself against the charges. Indeed, every Minnesota resident has the right to a criminal defense and will not be considered guilty of a crime until — and only if — he or she is found to be so beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of proper jurisdiction.

Source: HeraldReview, “Grand Rapids man charged in dealing meth,” Lisa Rosemore, June 17, 2015