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March 2015 Archives

Case of female burglary suspect, 70, raises many questions

Means, motive and opportunity -- those are the three things that police tend to focus on when investigating a crime. The hope is that by tracing a suspect's activity and aligning those elements, the chances that the actual culprit will be brought to justice are greatly improved.

Can DNA results ever work to a defendant's advantage?

A great deal of stock is placed on the contributions of science in fighting crime. You see it all over prime time television. It's the basis of all the CSI franchise shows that grace the airwaves. Especially in cases where someone is facing sexual offense allegations, science-savvy investigators bring the truths of science to bear to provide evidence that allows prosecutors to claim a defendant is guilty, without a doubt.

Extradition can be a delicate matter even when treaties exist

Readers in the Twin Cities have surely seen the headlines touting that U.S. authorities have caught an individual on one of Washington's Most Wanted lists. According to reports, the man is facing 59 counts of sexual assault in Minnesota. The allegations include that the young female victims were part of a Minnesota-based cult led by the 52-year-old suspect and that the abuse took place over the span of a decade.

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