Aggressively Protecting Your Rights

With federal charges pending, experienced counsel matters

| Feb 17, 2015 | Federal Crimes

Well, you don’t have to make a federal case out of it!

How many times have those words been uttered? The comment is usually meant to convey that an issue is being blown way out of proportion. After all, federal charges are often reserved for the most serious of offenses, suggesting that those charged must be the most serious of offenders.

That might be true in some instances, but it would be a mistake to think that it is always the case. It is possible for an average Minnesota person to get caught up in circumstances the ultimately lead to him or her being charged with federal crimes. And you can be sure that if convicted, the prosecution will seek to have the maximum penalty possible imposed.

If authorities feel they can prosecute for more than one charge, multiple allegations are likely to be leveled. If convictions are obtained on all the charges, it ups the stakes significantly.

Every person deserves the best possible representation for the sake of protecting his or her rights in the course of criminal action and in the wake of any possible conviction. It is not something all defense attorneys are prepared to take on. That makes selecting your advocate that much more difficult, and also that much more important.

The outcome of any case cannot be predicted, but with due diligence and experienced counsel, it is possible to be confident examining potential scenarios with an eye toward finding the result that might be best. If you face federal charges of any kind, take the matter seriously and accept this invitation to contact the Rivers Law Firm for a no-charge evaluation.