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February 2015 Archives

What are possible defenses against federal fraud charges?

Fraud can take a lot of different forms. The motives for committing such crimes are just as variable. In most cases the charges tend to involve some type of scheme to defraud others of money through any number of methods. But there may be instances in which the goal of the alleged activity is something less clear, such as trying to obtain prescription drugs to feed an addiction.

How do prosecutors decide on criminal charges?

The legal system is very complicated. It's not intended to mystify you, but most people just don't have reason to engage very deeply with the courts in Minnesota or anywhere else. That can make for a lot of confusion and consternation when you do find yourself caught up in a criminal action.

It's not the vehicle, but your condition that can spark a DUI

Driving is driving. And as a recent story in the St. Paul paper noted, in the eyes of the law, it doesn't matter what kind of vehicle is involved. If you are suspected of driving anything while impaired by alcohol or drugs there is a risk you could be facing charges for DWI.

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