Aggressively Protecting Your Rights


| Sep 15, 2014 | Criminal Defense

Adrian Peterson was indicted in Montgomery Texas with child abuse. He alleged to have used a “switch” to discipline his child and thereby caused his child an injury. The issue for the jury will be was it reasonable. What is reasonable in the South may very well be different from what is reasonable in the North. With the climate in the NFL heading to shoot first ask questions later, it will be critical for Peterson to obtain a favorable result in order to minimize damage to his career. Child Abuse and moreover Domestic Assault are crimes that appear to rampant in the NFL. Due to public pressure the league is taking a tough stance on the issue.

Domestic Assault charges can have wide ranging implication on one’s record. A fifth degree assault conviction can prohibit one from the ownership of firearms, be denied employment and housing. If you have been accused of domestic assault call 612-915-0355 immediately. These cases are difficult and time sensitive because what happens in the very beginning of the case can set the tone for the outcome.

Whether Mr. Peterson will ultimately be found guilty of child abuse will be contingent upon the term reasonable. Other option aside from trial are available including a stayed sentence while he gets counseling , parenting classes and an assessment of the danger he may or may not pose.