Mr. Nelson was originally charge with harrassment / stalking. He was at the home of his ex visiting his children when her brother called the police saying that she did not want him there. He has served prison time for a prior domestic but insited that this time he was in the right. He had preserved hundreds of letters sent to him by the complaining witness. Along with suggestive photos. After receiving the letters the prosecutor spoke with the vicitm, dismissed the stalking charge, and then charged Mr. Nelson with Felony domestic assault after the complaining witness changed her story.

The complaining witness however, had been communicated with Mr. Nelson’s stepmother over Facebook for an extended period of time. The Defense uncovered over 1,300 messages. These messages highlighted the instability and credibility of Mr. Nelson’s ex . The defense was able to show a pattern of unstable behavior fueled by irrational jealousy. Additionaly, messages from the exact time of the assault contradicted her story and clearly established her motive. Jealousy.

Hard work by Bruce Rivers and his staff allowed the prosecutor to see the case for what it was. An uncorroborated lie fueled by a scorned paranoid. On the eve of trial the prosecutor seeing the writing on the wall dismissed the case. Mr. Nelson has been exonerated.