Aggressively Protecting Your Rights


| Apr 3, 2014 | Criminal Defense

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Mr. Sanchez was wrongfully accused of molesting the 10 year old sister of his 29 year old girlfriend. He was charged with criminal sexual conduct in the second degree. Innocent and playful touches turned to suspicion of criminal sexual conduct when the two broke up. An innocent piggback ride home from the park in raw daylight with girlfriend at his side turn into an allegation of inappropriate touch. A zealous cornerhouse interview, police investigation and prosecution all but had Mr. Sanchez hung out to dry before he ever went to court. The State produced five witnesses and the Defendant took the stand in his own defense. Thankfully the jury could see the case for what it was. A knee jerk reaction without context. The jury was out for 30 minutes and then acquitted Mr. Sanchez.

This case was an important criminal case as the outcome would determine whether Mr. Sanchez, a nine year resident alien, would be allowed to stay in the country. A criminal conviction for criminal sexual conduct in the second degree would mean certain deporation. Mr. Sanchez was offered a misdemeanor but even a misdemeanor would mean that he would have been deported.

Bruce Rivers relied upon his key asset to win the case. His client. While Mr. Sanchez certainly had the right to remain silent, he chose to tell his story and subject himself to cross-examination. The jury was out for approximately thirty minutes. They determined that this was a case of misinterpretation of touch. It was horseplay. The sister and the mother were both victims of crimnal sexual conduct. Grandma worked with abuse victims. The reporting child in this case knew that. Only three days before the sister had broken up with Mr. Sanchez. The complaining witness in this case had motive and opportunity to make up a story about Mr. Sanchez.

In the final analysis Mr. Sanchez spent six months in jail while his case was pending. The jury was swift in their delivery of justice and now Mr. Sanchez can go on with his life. He was found Not Guilty.