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| Oct 22, 2010 | Criminal Defense

Hennepin County District Court Judge Grants Attorney Bruce Rivers Motion for Acquittal on 1st Degree and 2 Degree murder charges and The Minnesota Supreme Court Reversed the 2nd Degree Manslaughter Conviction.


The case involved a love triangle involving Back, Super, and the murder victim, Holliday. Super was the gunman who murdered Holliday at his home early New Year’s Day, 2007. Back, who at one time had dated both Super and Holliday, was present at the time of the murder.

Back was represented by attorney Bruce Rivers. During the trial, the State moved to dismiss the first-degree premeditated murder charge, and the district court GRANTED Mr. Bruce Rivers motion for acquittal on the first-degree domestic abuse murder charge and the second-degree intentional murder charge. The court also granted the State’s motion to amend its complaint to include the lesser-included offense of second-degree manslaughter, Minn.Stat. ‘ 609.205(1). The jury subsequently found Back guilty of second-degree manslaughter based on culpable negligence.

Back filed an appeal after being found guilty and on December 10, 2009, Appellant’s second degree manslaughter conviction was REVERSED by the Supreme Court on grounds that the evidence used to convict was insufficient.