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| Oct 22, 2010 | Criminal Defense

Not Guilty Verdict- Murder in the Second Degree- Ramsey County

Anderson was charged with Second Degree Murder on February 20, 2004 after he was accused of giving his intoxicated cousin a gun and telling him to go into Arnellia’s bar in St. Paul and air the place out.

The State argued that the defendant Anderson got upset when his cousin and friend were knocked down to the floor during a brief fight and were then kicked out of the bar. Coleman testified that Anderson went to his humvee and pulled a gun out, instructing Coleman to Aair the place out which resulted in Coleman killing a bystander inside the bar.

Attorney Bruce Rivers argued that Coleman was drunk and out of control and acting on his own. Attorney Bruce Rivers told jurors that several witnesses testified that Anderson was acting as a peacemaker after the fight and he was not upset. Attorney Bruce Rivers relied on time-stamped surveillance footage from multiple cameras at the bar and argued that there wasn’t enough time for Anderson to go to his truck and hand off the gun to Colman.

The trial took approximately one week and the jury ACQUITTED Anderson after six hours of deliberation.