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Survey finds rapes, sexual assaults increased in 2018

Minnesota readers might be concerned to learn that the number of Americans who say they were victims of rape and sexual assault nearly doubled between 2017 and 2018, according to an annual survey. The study was conducted by the U.S. Justice Department's Bureau of Justice Statistics.

The 2018 National Crime Victimization Survey, which was published on Sept. 10, polled approximately 240,000 Americans from around 150,000 households to find out if they had been the victims of any crimes, either reported or unreported. The survey serves as a valuable contrast to the annual FBI crime report, which only includes crimes reported to the police. It found that the rate of people reporting that they had been raped or sexually assaulted jumped from 1.4 per 1000 in 2017 to 2.7 per 1000 in 2018. According to independent analysts, the spike is statistically significant. However, no one is sure whether the jump reflects an actual increase in the number of crimes, an increase in the reporting of crimes, or a mixture of both.

Debunking white-collar crime myths

White-collar crimes occur constantly and in various ways. However, many people tend not to fully understand them or the seriousness of their nature.

Knowing the truth about this specific type of criminal charge is important when facing it. Similarly, understanding a few of the common myths about white-collar crimes may be beneficial, as well.

Minnesota man wanted for murder apprehended in Mexico

A 22-year-old man who was being sought by police in Minnesota in connection with a double homicide was taken into custody in Mexico on Aug. 24. According to media reports, Mexican police apprehended the man in a Cancun hotel room. He is said to have told the Todd County Sheriff's Office that he planned to turn himself in. Mexican authorities say that they plan to hand the man over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for transport back to Minnesota.

The Todd County Sheriff's Office issued a warrant for the man for the alleged murder of his parents. The couple was found in a Long Prairie home on Aug. 21. They both died of multiple gunshot wounds. Police say the man's car was left at the scene, and an empty gun box and handgun ammunition was found inside the vehicle. The man is said to have told counselors at a mental health facility where he was being treated for an undisclosed condition that he was thinking about killing his parents.

Man charged in Minnesota stabbing death

A 23-year-old Minnesota man has been charged with two counts of murder in the second degree in connection with the stabbing death of a 37-year-old woman. Charges of intentional second degree murder and second degree murder while committing second degree assault were filed against the man on Aug. 13. Each of the counts carries a maximum penalty of 40 years in prison.

The facts of the case, according to news reports, are that the man was at the home of the woman, along with the woman's stepfather and a few other people. At some point, the man and the stepfather began playfighting. The woman left the house after the playfighting became more violent, with her stepfather head-butting the man after the latter had punched him. Some time after she left the house, the man came outside and the woman pushed him.

Man accused of killing mother and assaulting father

A 42-year-old Minnesota has been charged with murder in the second degree and attempted murder in the second degree for allegedly killing his 68-year-old mother and attempting to kill his 71-year-old father. Prosecutors do not believe that the crimes were premeditated. The man faces up to 60 years in prison if convicted and his bail has been set at $1 million.

Officers from the Maple Grove Police Department responded to a residence on Eagle Lake Drive North at approximately 7:30 p.m. after an individual in the home dialed 911 and then hung up. Officers say that the man who answered the door was covered in blood and admitted to them that he had assaulted his parents. Officers say that they discovered a woman on the ground floor of the residence who had suffered a severe head wound and was not breathing. They attempted to resuscitate the woman, but she was pronounced dead at the scene when paramedics arrived.

Man sentenced to prison for two shootings

A Minnesota man has been sentenced to nearly four years in prison for shooting and injuring a man in St. Cloud in 2017. He was also recently convicted of killing a man in Sauk Rapids in 2018.

According to media reports, a man was shot and injured on the 400 block of Ninth Avenue North on July 26, 2017. Police responded to the scene, and a witness told them that two men were seen running in different directions from the area where the gunshots came from. Investigators obtained video and still photos of the shooting to identify the defendant. In addition, they found two shell casings near the site of the incident.

Rape, sex trafficking increased in Minnesota in 2018

A 2018 Minnesota crime report revealed that though overall violent crimes decreased when compared to 2017, rapes reached their highest level in almost 25 years. The report was released by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

The Uniform Crime Report for 2018 was released on July 8 and provides a comprehensive look into the crime in Minnesota. In the report, murder, robberies and aggravated assault were down 6.7% as compared to the prior year. The Department of Public Safety commissioner wrote a letter to Gov. Waltz that accompanied the report. The letter detailed that 104 murders occurred in 2018; 25 of these individuals were killed by family members. Property crimes, such as larceny, burglary and arson, also decreased, with a decline of 8.9%. Property crimes make up approximately 90% of all reported crimes.

Minnesota teens charged with murder

Police in Minnesota have charged two boys, aged 15 and 16, in connection with the death of a 39-year-old Maple Grove man on June 11. The Hennepin County Attorney's Office has filed a motion to have the boys certified as adults. The 16-year-old has been charged with two counts of murder in the second degree. Charges against the 15-year-old will only be released if a judge certifies him as an adult. The pair also face burglary, auto theft, and eluding charges in connection with a subsequent incident.

Officers responded to the intersection of Tyler Street NE and 14th Avenue NE in Minneapolis at about 4:49 p.m. after receiving reports of a shooting. Police say that the two boys wore bandanas to conceal their faces and approached a parked car with pistols drawn. The 16-year-old is said to have shot the man behind the wheel several times when he reached for an unidentified item. The driver attempted to flee the scene but crashed after covering only a short distance.

Minnesota man accused of killing his brother

A 28-year-old Minnesota man has been charged with two counts of murder in the second degree in connection with the death of his brother. The Fergus Falls resident faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted. Prosecutors say that they plan to seek an aggravated sentence in the case because the victim was treated with particular cruelty. The man is now being held without bond at the Northwest Regional Corrections Center. Initial police reports do not provide any indication of why he may have killed his 19-year-old brother.

Police in Polk County were dispatched to the intersection of North Mark Avenue and Eighth Street at approximately 3:44 a.m. after local residents had called to report an altercation. One caller reported seeing an individual attempting to break into a home and another said that a man was throwing items at an unconscious person on the ground. When police arrived at the scene, they found an unresponsive man lying by the curb and another man standing in the roadway with blood on his arms and clothing.

Drake’s Law, felony DWI and prior convictions

If law enforcement arrests you on suspicion of drunk driving and this is your first such experience, you will no doubt resolve to deal with it and get on with your life.

However, if you are a repeat DWI offender in the state of Minnesota, the situation will be considerably more critical, partly because of Drake’s Law.

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